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The Warm House in Nahariya

Nahariya, Israel

The Warm House 

The Messianic Congregation 

On this page you get an introduction to the work of The Warm House in Nahariya, Israel.

Our Congregation

Nahariya is a small countryside holiday town at the Mediterranean Sea close to the northern border of Israel, only 10 kilometers from Lebanon. On the map, the outline of town of Nahariya looks like a patrolling guard ship watching our borders. In the same way, our Congregation watches over the walls of the town on behalf of our entire community.

Welcome to our town and Congregation. Our visitors can enjoy cozy air-conditioned rooms. We are always happy to make new friends.

The Warm House

In January 2010, The Warm House was opened in the town to help drug and alcohol addicted people. The same year two families and the residents of The Warm House founded the Congregation. In 2011, the Congregation was consecrated to the connection with the Messianic Congregation Living Israel .

Over these years, more than 300 people have heard the gospel in The Warm House. Over 60 of them are in ministry in Israel and abroad. Some of them have stayed to serve in the Congregation. Many of the Rehabilitees have found a spouse and started a family. In the lives of many Rehabilitees God has made miracles – they have been able to give a birth even if it was considered naturally impossible.

Our work is to reach out and help the lost ones and the ones that are in humanitarian need. We share the message of the Gospel with them and offer help in The Warm House.

Andrey Nehashev founded this Warm House and in 2011 he also was ordered Pastor of the Congregation. Later on, the Congregation received a name from God – ”Yoheved”, which means ”God is my glory”.