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Our Team

Our Team

The love of Jesus delivered Andrei Nenashev, Sergei Semida and Gennadi Shaulov out from the drug addiction and prison whirl of many years. They all have gone through the rehabilitation program of The Warm House and work today as pastors in Living Israel congregations. They have given their whole lives to help other people.

Maarit Remes and Taru Ilvonen have also received God’s grace and love in their life. Through various phases God has called them to work in the association Uskon Tie ry.

God has given to Gennadi Shaulov a vision about Finland and he has visited our country many times since 2009. Co-operation with Uskon tie ry started in 2017. The association arranged then the first mutual tour in Finland. Also Sergei Semida was on the tour. Maarit Remes represented the association and interpreted.

Andrei Nenashev visited Finland his first time in spring 2019. The same spring, Taru Iivonen was asked to join to work in the association. At the end of the same year, when the pastors visited Finland, co-operation between the association and the pastors was strengthened and it was e.g. agreed on to be in tighter contact with each other and establish The Warm House in Finland.

God’s work for the mutual vision

Our team has experienced the transforming power of God’s love that has deepened the friendship and unity. We have also seen how God brings the work forward step by step.

We keep in touch weekly through messages, phone calls, video meetings and in prayer connection. It is intended that the team and friends in Finland will visit Israel and get acquainted with The Warm House work there. Additionally, we have visited The Warm Houses in Riga and Tallinn.

Friends of the work

An important part of our team are the prayer groups and friends in the capitol area. They meet regularly and remember the work in their prayers. God has brought also friends from diverse congregations who are a part of the ministry. In addition to the capitol area, the work has friends and supporters in different parts of Finland.


Uskon tie ry has been active since 2017. Since the beginning, visits have been arranged from the Messianic congregations from Russia and Israel. To share the Gospel and bless Jewish people are in the center of the work. 

The board of the association consists at the moment of Chairman Taru Iivonen, Vice Chairman Gennadi Shaulov and Board Member Maarit Remes.