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You can support us in many ways!

Pray and act according to your resources

By supporting us you are a part of the international community, together to realize a major sacred vision where the transforming Love of God works powerfully. New Warm Houses are birthed annually.

Pray for the ministry

Prayer is the most valuable support you can give to us! Many who have been liberated through this work have told how the prayers of the mothers have supported.

In Finland, we have begun regular prayer work for The Warm House to be found. Andrey Nenashev leads on Mondays the global prayer evening, where the work is prayed for, too.

If you want to come to the prayer evenings in Finland, please contact us!

Thanks for praying for our ministry.

Join our mailing list and stay updated

When you are on our mailing list, you’ll receive updated information about our activities. You can join the list by filling your contact information lower on this page in “Join our mailing list”.

Put out your bread on the face of the waters; for after a long time it will come back to you again.

Ecclesiastes 11: 1