Helsinki, Finland

Warm House

The Warm House to be established in Finland will work independently, however connected to the chain of the other Warm Houses. The Warm House is a Finnish support home for people who want and need help from God to govern their life.

Living Israel Pastors Gennadi Shaulov, Andrey Nenashev and Sergei Semida will act as counselors and support when the Warm House is starting and when it operates in the future.

At the moment we are seeking a suitable house to start the work.

At the end of 2019, Pastors visited Finland. Their vision about Finland and co-operation with Uskon tie ry did strengthen during the visit, and a new era started. Prayer work for establishing of the Warm House in Finland was launched.  

There is prayer for the Warm House effort in different parts of Finland and Israel and also on Mondays in the international online prayer meeting of the Warm Houses.

During the visit of Pastors Gennadi Shaulov and Andrey Nenashev in the beginning of summer 2021, God showed direction to Pastor Shaulov on how the Warm House work continues forward in Finland.

At the moment, as there is no own Warm House yet in Finland, the first Finnish rehabilitees have a possibility to stay in the Warm House in Tallinn for the start phase of the rehabilitation and the end phase in Israel. The Warm Houses in Tallinn and Israel operate in Russian language. Also, the volunteers have a possibility to go to Israel for a briefing period. In that way, the volunteers and rehabilitees will get the best introduction of the principles of the Warm House and basics to the operations of the Warm House in Finland.

The Finnish Warm House will serve everybody in need of help.

Principles of Warm House

You can start rehabilitation in Warm House when you want to get free from addictions and intoxicants and you accept the principles and rules of the Warm House.

The devotional rehabilitation phase takes about nine months. There is e.g. absolute prohibition of intoxicants in the Warm House, daily attendance to spiritual Christian meetings and other doings in the Warm House. The same rules apply to both volunteers and rehabilitees in the Warm House. 

The rehabilitee is allowed to go away from the Warm House at his own wish.

Also the person in charge stays in the Warm House with possible volunteers, all together with the rehabilitees. Their input to the actions and support is based on volunteering. 

There are no paid personnel in Warm House. Everybody works after voluntary principles. All of the work in the Warm House is based on faith.

Uskon tie ry enables and coordinates the work of the Finnish Warm House as an official background association. 

The Warm Houses

There are Warm Houses in Israel and also in Baltic countries, Middle Europe, Ukraine, Russia and United States. The network covers already more than 40 Warm Houses. Uskon tie ry is an association that supports the activities of The Warm Houses in the Baltic countries and in Israel. Have a closer look: